Monday, August 31, 2009

Selected Field Notes & Random Ride Ramblings – Vol.1

This series will likely spread similar to that of the liquid life source searching sage brush root systems – everywhere, and in all directions. But unlike the desert scrub, there's little lacking in terms of “nourishment” along this journey. No, this is a matter of flourishment, and flourishment in exceedingly greater rates and proportions. Things could, and will likely change (everything has its winter), but when the day nears its end, and reflection of its events are revisited one after another, swiftly, shifting, seemingly coinciding with each slow sigh or easy pre-sleep breathing, then the realization and amazement at the depth of a day's experiences settles quite heavily upon the soul. Thoughts of Proust, and his efforts and anxieties over remembrances of things past are truly felt, and closely approach understanding.

So this is an attempt, to offer a flashing glimpse at some of each days' meaningful, or at least, memorable moments. How grotesquely brief can one be when trying to tangibly recount endless, streaming amounts of jewels along the journey? A rather painful question, but one that I have had to come to terms with. Because when evening exhaustion prevents fingers from pushing a pen further, sometimes you have to accept that “it” may have been yours for that one moment in time, soon to be forgotten, despite knowing how important it is to record some fledgling notion of fleeting bliss that was felt only hours before when that nice old lady gave me a fresh peach atop that crispy hot lava rock Cascade Crest. Glory of God Almighty was found in the sweet juice and cool flesh of that peach that I gnarled to the pit, all while baking in the quintessential ring of fire region that the devil himself would unbearably shun. Lichen struggles to live here. NASA tested the first moon rover here. I managed to pedal my bike up and over this here 5325ft; pushing nearly two gallons of water through the body to cool the engine as it fired away, burning six or seven thousand calories in a successful crossing of McKenzie Pass.

Experiences, and states of existence born from moments such as this will be selected as best recolected, and shared along the way. Some delayed, others delivered with immediacy whether or not there is logical reasoning. But with daylight waning, and before closing out this posting, it would be impossible not to mention the kindness, hospitality, and warmth of several Oregonians that I have been blessed to meet over this past week. Families opening up their homes, sharing their time, energy, food, stories, advice with me – someone they had never met before, but shook hands, shared a hug, and trusted. Never have I lost faith in humanity (certainly questioned it at certain times), but if you are someone that struggles in that department, then maybe you need to spend some time in the woods out here, on the road out here, maybe meeting some new people out here. As I'm only halfway through the state, I'll reserve further comments for now, but to all the good hearts and souls I've recently met, I thank you. What a great place you call home.


  1. Yay, so glad to see you had a successful summit of the mighty McKenzie pass and took a side journey to the observatory and mountain identifier on top. That's a heck of a climb (congrats!), but so starkly beautiful too. I hope the rest of the state continues to be good to you.

  2. Keep on kickin ASS and taking names... Just let me live your experiences though me. Keep up with the updates!!!