Sunday, August 16, 2009

An Introduction

Hello there! You have successfully reached a blog that I have started and plan to keep updated throughout my bike ride across America. The opinions expressed herein are solely personal, and thus not representative of the views of other entities, organizations, etc, unless explicitly stated.

At its core, this is a journey to explore a contemporary American spectrum - the colors of which will be filled, mixed, faded, and created along the route I have devised. From Cape Disappointment, Washington to Cape Fear, North Carolina, I plan to pedal throughout the human and natural landscapes that mesh to make America; individuals, families, communities that rise each new day to observe, discern, and engage current realities until the evening's darkness encourages rest for preparation of what lies next. We are good people who have accomplished great things, and I've shed a joyous tear over our Declaration of Independence. So with admiration and great appreciation of our fundamental rights, beliefs, values, and basic life pursuits, it seems that my time has come to review, and tip the hat to these common threads that connect us as a people. Having the complete freedom to do so is, in itself, truly a beautiful thing.

Throughout the journey, I will be raising awareness for the Wounded Warrior Project ( It is likely that you have already received information from me regarding this effort, whether by email or traditional mail. If for some reason you have not, I encourage you to visit their website, and if possible, support the cause. 100% of donations go directly to the organization, which then efficiently directs 83 cents of every dollar towards programs that benefit severely wounded soldiers and / or their families. Secure online donations can be made at my fundraiser web page within the Wounded Warrior Project website.

I extend special thanks to my Aunt Jonnie for her encouragement with the Wounded Warrior Project and to all of my family, friends, and teachers. This would not have been possible without you.


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  1. Ryan,

    Your a good strong man to go out there like this you are making us all proud...even though some do not appreciate what you are doing or even comprehend the drive and determination and not to forget courage to embark on such a journey. Really, Ryan I could weep only as a man for you and your journey to make the world a better place...I hope to see you again once you have completed your mission to spread this awareness. If i can be of any assistance please feel free to call me at anytime. Your friend Garry 787-692-9162 RIDE ON MY BROTHER>>>!!!