Monday, September 14, 2009

Participate in the Soldier Ride of the Carolinas

I will still be making my way across country while this event is happening, but I'd like to encourage people to get on their bikes and participate in the Soldier Ride of the Carolinas, currently scheduled for October 7th thru the 11th. The Soldier Ride is a series of fundraising events coordinated by The Wounded Warrior Project and takes place at several locations across the country throughout the year. More details of the Carolinas ride will be released soon, but it will begin at Fort Bragg and finish in Charlotte.

What exactly is the Soldier Ride?

"The Soldier Ride, at its core, is a rehabilitative cycling event designed to challenge our wounded warriors to get back in the saddle, both literally and figuratively, and is a tool to help both the physical and mental wounds of war. These rides also help to raise awareness for the WWP mission and our many important programs designed to serve our injured and their families, and in turn raise money through sponsorships, pledges and donations for WWP." - Soldier Ride Website, WWP

Additional information can be found at the Soldier Ride's:
For obvious reasons, the Soldier Ride was one of my initial attractions to The Wounded Warrior Project when first learning about all of their programs and events. There are so many styles of bicycles that people of differing abilities can ride in pursuit of an active, healthy, and mobile lifestyle.

While riding along the Oregon coast, I met a man by the name of Sonny who had lost the use of both legs, but had riden his handcycle over 3,000 miles across various parts of the country ( When you shake this man's hand, you know it. Sonny was raising awareness for the American Cancer Society in his route to Seattle (my launch point). If you're out there Sonny, hope you made it safely, and best of luck.

Again, as more details are released for the Soldier Ride of the Carolinas, I'll forward along. So try and get out, even if it's only riding a few miles, or supporting our participating soldiers. Thanks everybody!


  1. I'm so excited for you Ryan! What an amazing journey you are on. I hope to see you sometime, maybe when you reach the Carolinas!

  2. Thanks Carly, good to hear from you and your Chandito! I will be missing Boone on the ride home, but may try and get up there to make a few turns if Sugar has any pre-Christmas snow!
    Salt Lake City 30 miles away...

  3. Thanks for drawing our attention to this cause, it's not something I'd heard of before but as an athlete the Soldier Rides speak to the healing power of helping people reengage with their sport and regaining mobility.

    Glad to hear you made it to Salt Lake City, we are all enjoying following along on your blog!